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Dr. Fern purchased her dental practice in 2009, after climbing the Dental rungs. Six months in, she had a panic attack. She was depleted – overworked with endless staff challenges, constant searing physical pain, financial stress, relationship breakdown and anxiety. Dr. Fern faced a seemingly insurmountable list of problems that are accepted as ‘the norm’ by so many others in her industry.

However, Dr. Fern’s breakdown was also a true breakthrough: in hitting rock bottom she realised the most important investment we can make in this lifetime is into ourselves.
When she changed, her life and the whole world around her changed.
She went from working 6 days in her clinic down to 2 and found ways to still doubled her pro ts. She stopped living for other people and started living for herself.

Now, other Dental Women find their freedom through her online training program, free masterclasses, daily doses of V-log inspiration and an audience across Australasia, the UK and the USA. In excess of 150 women have already transformed their lives and careers by going through her revolutionary online program, “Practice Your Passion”.

Committed to making a difference in the world, Dr Fern is a living example of everything she teaches and shares. Participants in her programs and workshops are consistently blown away by just how down to earth, relatable and inspiring Fern actually is. Her teachings allow women to tap into their natural feminine super powers, opening their innate intuition and wisdom.


Dr.Fern believes that she can create change in the medical industry by supporting women to step into their inherent power as Medicine Women – This lets them heal with their hearts, not just with their heads and regimented science training. 

As seen in...

Dr. Fern has been featured in Dumbo Feather Magazine, Of Kin, Bite Magazine, International podcasts, SBS TV and the ‘I came by Boat’ Campaign.



Fern works with over 250+ dental and medical women worldwide. As a certified high performance coach she guides women towards their freedom.


Fern teaches on a range of topics including; 

  • Mental Health for Practitioners
  • Female Business Ownership
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • Pleasure and Relationships
  • Patient & Staff Communication


Facilitating individuals, small groups and large audiences Fern is able to transform the minds and hearts of medicine women. 


Are you finding yourself overtired? 
Constantly worried about the team? Stressed about how much money you are bringing in?

In these 3 videos, Dr. Fern shows you how she:

  1. Stopped Overwhelm and Burn Out
  2. Created her Dream Team
  3. Doubled her Patient Treatment Plan Acceptance 

"Laugh out loud, it's the second best thing you can do with your mouth... "

Dr. Fern White

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