Dr. Fern White

International Speaker & Facilitator

Playful & Interactive

Dr. Fern is able to engage small and large audience through her personal stories, unique background and experiential exercises.

Working with Emotions

Bringing the heart into her lectures, Fern is always keen to have people out of their chairs and into their hearts.


Fern has been trained by THE BEST and brings world class experience to your event.



Fern has been invited to speak in the US, Europe and Australia to audiences focussed on medicine and dental advancements. She breaks up the technical nature of medicine with her unique voice and style.

Take a listen to Dr. Fern


So that's Dr. Fern... reach out to talk about your event.


Guaranteed Smiles

Fern's talking style and fun exercises always have a room smiling, dancing and hugging. Tissues required at times.

Small & Large Events

Fern has worked with small rooms (10-20) as well as large crowds (200-500) and creates compelling environments for change no matter the audience.

Range of Topics

Fern is able to customise her experiences and frameworks into a range of speaker requirements.

BOOK Dr. Fern

Fern explores topics at the heart of healing via medicine and dentistry:

  • Mental Health for Practitioners
  • Female Business Ownership
  • Female Embodiment
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • Pleasure and Relationships
  • Patient & Staff Communication
  • Patient Treatment & Healing


Fern at a glance:

  • Business owner with $2M+ turnover
  • Mother to young daughter
  • Partner of 14 years
  • Expert dentist after 15 years of practice
  • Founder of “Practice Your Passion” online program and community
  • Trained speaker and workshop facilitator


Recent Speaking Events

  • Icons of Dentistry – USA
  • Divas in Dental – Spain
  • Dentistry by Women – Sydney, Australia
  • Melbourne University Dental Graduation
  • Australian Dental Association Annual Conference



  • Born post-war Vietnam 1981
  • Refugee by boat to Australia via Malaysia
  • Dental practice owner for 9 years
  • Dentistry expertise grown over 15 years
  • Online course “Practice Your Passion” 

"Fern provides fun information to improve your life as a female clinician. You'll experience non-clinical growth in a coordinated way that gets at many of the elements that masquerade as work stress. This is probably the most valuable CE that you'll ever experience."

Dr. Susan
Dentist and Practice Owner

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